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Corporates & Occupiers

Improve the productivity, efficiency and performance of your corporate real estate portfolio

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Real estate is probably one of the top three costs on your company's balance sheet. But when a portfolio is managed strategically and operates at peak efficiency, it can be a powerful tool for your business. We help companies of all sizes and geographies liberate capital from owned and leased buildings, increase the productivity of their workplaces and make their portfolios more fit for the future.

We'll help you see and capture opportunities that may not yet be visible. And we'll connect you with a wealth of expertise, so you can plan and grow with confidence anywhere in the world.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Improve the productivity of your assets, workplaces and people by aligning your real estate strategy and business objectives

  • Tenant Representation

    We’ll find the right space to suit your business plans and negotiate optimal lease terms, saving you time and money

  • Project and Development Services

    When we manage your corporate real estate projects, we’ll save you time and money, and minimize your financial risk

  • Debt Advisory

    Get the best financing for your real estate projects

  • Valuation

    We provide sophisticated, impartial valuation and appraisal services in 40 countries.

  • Corporate Solutions

    Solving complex Corporate real estate challenges anywhere in the world